Thursday, December 13, 2007

O.K., O.K. I elfed myself (and my family)

Everyone's been sending me links to the pictures they made of themselves as elves, and I finally caved. It was fun, but I think we all look better as ourselves than elves (I think we dance better too, even without practice), but you can always use a little elfing during the holidays. So celebrate the season and check us out.

If you enjoyed us as elves, thank my sister-stamper Leah for getting me off my behind and making an elf of myself.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Awesome gift from my stamp sister

This past weekend was the team meeting for the stamp group I'm part of with The Angel Company, "S.A.S.S.Y." We had a Christmas party, with a potluck dinner where everybody brought a different part of the meal, lots of socializing and a "prop swap". In the Angel Company rubberstamping world (and maybe elsewhere, I don't know), a prop swap is a grab bag where everyone that wants to participate makes one papercraft or rubber stamped item that is not a card or scrapbook page, but is actually a home decor item, small personal scrapbook, pin, or other 3-d gift. We wrapped them up, put them in a pile and then chose a package from the pile to get our gift.

I received the picture frame shown above from my stamp sister, Teri. It's a gorgeous frame made with the now retired Vintage Holiday paper, and I'm looking for a picture right now to put in it so I can have it on display in my house for Christmas. Thanks Teri. I love my gift!

I thought it might inspire you to make one of your own to give to someone this season.

Who knew what scraps could do?

Here's another Christmas card that I made using some square cards and envelopes that have been sitting in my closet for years and scraps of Amelia paper left over from other projects. According to The Arthouse, a little frame and gift shop that is selling my cards for me this year, these are the cards that are the most popular.