Sunday, January 20, 2008

Squares for Stamps

Click on grid above for larger image.

This year I've decided to offer squares for a $100 Angel Company party. How it works:
  • Cost of each square is $1

    Payout is for the FINAL score only and the winner receives a $100 stamp party

  • Choose your square(s) and send me an e-mail at indicating the square number(s) you want
  • Squares will be filled in on a first come first served basis based on the time stamp of the e-mail I receive from you
  • Send payment via Paypal, money order, or cash in person

  • Payment must be received no later than JANUARY 30th or your squares will be forfeited

  • If the grid is not filled by January 31st, payment will be refunded

  • I will e-mail all participants a copy of the completed grid

  • Winner receives $100 to be used towards an Angel Company stamp party. The order will be shipped directly to you. All costs for party total exceeding $100, including all half price items, shipping and tax will be paid by the winner.

Back from San Antonio

We are back from an AWESOME trip to San Antonio, Texas. My husband and I flew out to San Antonio for an Angel Company event where I got to see products from the new catalogue, get new project ideas and visit with friends I've made though the company. The winter events may be the only things that are more fun than Seminar, just because they're more intimate. This is especially true now that there is a catalogue released right before the event.

This year, it was a smaller than average group, but that meant even more time to visit with old friends and make new ones. We got to visit the Alamo too, and spent a bunch of time at all of the wonderful restaurants along the Riverwalk.

San Antonio is definitely one of my favorite cities in the U.S. and rumor has it that The Angel Company will host another event there sometime in the future. I can't wait.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Highest Honor

As I mentioned in my prior post, this year I was asked to create samples for The Angel Company's Spring/Summer 2008 Inspiration Book and Catalogue. The samples that I made are the Orange and Black Halloween Cards shown on Pages 90 and 91 of the catalogue. I had a great time making them and hope that everyone likes them.

But....I was not only asked to make sample pages. I was given the highest honor of being one of three people asked to create designs that would be considered for the cover. Ultimately my scrapbook pages were not chosen to be on the cover, but it made my year just to be considered. The pages I created are the bottom two of the page shown above. The top two were designed by my friend Julie Griffith.

I am so proud to be a part of a company that makes its demonstrators such a part of their business. It is truly a great company that listens to what its Angels say about products, and policies that work, not to mention using samples in the catalogue (and a cover) that were all created by people that are actually demonstrators. The Angel Company does a wonderful job of recognizing many demonstrators for the things they do best, and I am truly happy to be a part of this company.

The Spring/Summer 2008 Inspiration Book and Catalogue costs $4.95 plus shipping of approximately $5.00. If you would like to order an Inspiration Book, please send me an e-mail at

Leah and I Published Together

My friend Leah and I have had two goals pretty much since I joned The Angel Company. We were going to make it to the level of Manager and we were going to try to get something we created into the company's catalogue. This year, one of those goals was achieved. Both Leah and I were asked to create samples for TAC's Spring/Summer 2008 Inspiration Book/Catalogue. We were both excited about being asked, and about achieving the goal, but even more than that, we were over the top about having been asked at the same time so that we could share each other's excitement. Leah's pages are shown above. Mine will be in a separate entry.