Saturday, August 29, 2009

With Sympathy

August has been a bad month. My Grandfather passed away on the first after many years of suffering from Alzheimer's, our computer got a virus and was down for a week, then I had an Expo to get ready for (not really a bad thing, but something that kept me from playing) and then I got bronchitis and a "very nasty sinus infection" that kept me in bed for a week. I figure it's always a bad thing when your doctor says "eeew". I'm back on my feet again with a computer that works, so now it's time to catch up. I've got several posts lined up for the next couple of weeks.

First up. I'll never say there's no such thing as a 6th sense. I've seen it working numerous times. Mostly when I was young and my Mother would suddenly show up some place I wasn't supposed to be, and I'd end up grounded for a week. After that happens a few times, you stop misbehaving. My most recent encounter was in connection with my Grandfather. The night before and the morning that he passed, I was making cards. I started out just putting papers together with no idea what they were ultimately going to be for and they lent themselves to sympathy cards. I figured I'd sell them at The Art House, but then I got the call and ended up needing them myself. I gave my favorite one to my Grandma and didn't get a picutre of it. That's O.K. though. It'll be one of a kind, becasue I'll never remember it well enough to make it again.

This is the first of the designs I had for long enough to take a picture.

I made this card using S.E.I.'s "Chocolate" collection and some old pink cardstock I had laying around. The pink background is embossed with the Cuttlebug "Birds and Swilrs" embossing folder. The sentiment is from The Angel Company's With Sympathy set. I love the butterflies and the colors.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Planning a Wedding

Sorry for the absence. Our computer had a virus and we had to take it in for repair. But I'm back now, and can also share that there will be a wedding in my family soon. My sister is planning her upcoming wedding, and I'll be showing my ideas for invitations and favor boxes over the next couple of days.

The wedding dress has already been chosen, but since I can't share a picture of that, I have a picture of my niece in a flower girl dress that I just love, so I thought I'd share that, until the crafty things are ready.