Thursday, March 27, 2008

Star Wedding Book

Recently I've been making star books with various themes. This is a wedding themed one that I'm taking to the Madison Mingle Angel Gathering to show off. It's got 7 different pannels, with various embelllishments.

I used a pack of Mulberry Meadow paper and coordinating ribbon and hardware, with Yellow 1 Cardstock. The stamp sets are: Wedding Wishes, BlissfullyEver After, Elegant Sentiments, More Elegant Sentiments and Rejoicing With You. All of them combined to make every page different.

I'll also be teaching a class in April where we'll be making this book.

Hopefully it will give you some ideas.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why I Work....(a little card)

Many years ago, I was in a Hallmark Store looking at cards. I found one that I loved, because it made me laugh. I had nobody to give the card to, but it cracked me up, so I bought it and kept it in my drawer at work so that I would see it occasionally and smile. It was the wording on the card that did me in, but I never was able to figure out what I would use it for. I mean, what is the occasion that would cause you give someone a card that said: Front: "Why I work....A short essay" and Inside: "I like food"? Still, it was always a pick-me-up on the days I came across it in my drawer (as well as a reminder, on those days you just feel like quitting your job).

Recently I was able to figure out a use for the wording on the card. I have a friend that broke her ankle and had been out for surgery and gone from work for several weeks. When she finally came back to work, I gave her this card made from our seminar set from last year and our Uptown Girl paper. The font is Lucida Handwriting:

and the inside:

Now she keeps it on her desk to make her smile. Hopefully it made you smile too.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Card Sketch

I've started to build the most awesome team of angels! This past fall, I was able to get my first promotion with TAC and became the team leader of the Sassy Stampin' Syndicate. In naming my team, I was looking for something I could have fun with that also had a bit of a Chicago reference. Since one of the dictionary terms for Syndicate is "a group of friends or cronies coming together for a purpose" and the team I'm part of is called S.A.S.S.Y, I thought Sassy Stampin' Syndicate was perfect.

One of the nice things about The Angel Company is that you're not required to attend any type of team meeting, and like most people, the members of my team are out leading their busy lives. So this month I decided to start a monthly card sketch for them. I'm posting the sketch to our group website and hopefully the group will be inspired to use the sketch to make some cards that they will upload and share.

I thought I'd share the sketch and my interpretation with you too. Here is the sketch, and my card made from Juliette paper (V-839 on Pg 28 of the catalogue) and the More Elegant Sentiments stamp set (T2885 on Pg. 79). I hope it inspires you to do some creating too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Angel Company's Savvy Projects Blog

Have you seen TAC's Savvy Projects Blog? It's new! On Leap Day, Mischelle Smith (the founder of The Angel Company) started this blog of quick projects. Supply lists and step by step instructions, with pictures for each step are given for each project, and new projects are added on a regular basis. I thought this blog was a great idea. It's the perfect place to find something new and different.

Yesterday my good friend Leah called to ask if I'd seen the blog. I thought she meant did I know it existed; but that's not why she called. Recently I was asked to prepare samples that will be shown on the TAC website for the April Stamp of the Month (SOTM). The set for April is really cute and once I sat down and played, I was able to come up with quite a few different ideas. One of them was a thought I had for making mini matchbook cards (you can get 6 from a 12 x 12 sheet of paper). I used the SOTM to make 6 mini matchbook cards and sent them in along with some other more traditional samples. Well, Mischelle saw the matchbook cards and believed that the idea was a perfect match (no pun intended) for the project she had been wanting to post. So there's a sneak preview of two of my SOTM matchbook cards, along with Mischelle's twist on my idea on the March 9th "Tutti Frutti 'You've Got Mail' Door Hanger" post.

If you'd like to check out the matchbook cards, see the awesome interactive door hanger that Mischelle paired them up with, or learn how to make either of these items, check out the Savvy Projects Blog at

And remember to check out The Angel Company's Stamp of the Month link in April to see samples that were made by all Tinley Park angels: me, Leah and my up-line, Pat.